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Te Kauhua

The written and video resources you will find on these pages relate to the Te Kauhua initiative.

The Te Kauhua professional learning model is an action research and development initiative. Schools undertake action research projects to strengthen effective links between whānau, families, communities, and schools.

These links maximise teachers’ opportunities to strengthen their practices to support increased academic, social, and cultural outcomes for Māori learners.

Te Kauhua has been in schools since 2001 and is now entering its fourth phase. Phase four of Te Kauhua establishes a number of initiatives to enhance school capability and system understanding of how schools, in collaboration with whānau/hapu and iwi, can develop and implement culturally responsive school and classroom practices.

Each phase of Te Kauhua is based on the evidence and learning from the previous phase. To read about the history of Te Kauhua please visit the Te Tere Auraki site on TKI.

  1. Filed under: Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    Three schools in the Te Kauhua initiative – Hillmorton, Lincoln, and Hornby High Schools - opted to cluster together for purposes of their research inquiry. They worked from a common research question, but tailored their inquiries to their individual school contexts. The cluster schools met regularly over the duration of the project, sharing findings and challenging one another’s practice and thinking. The following case study highlights the approaches and findings of Hillmorton High School. 

  2. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders | Effective teachers

    Lincoln High School investigates how, as part of a cluster arrangement, a school can foster the development of an effective professional learning community that is focused on teaching as inquiry and premised on three underpinning principles: ako (reciprocal learning), culture counts, and productive partnerships.

  3. Filed under: Identity Language and Culture | Te Reo Maori | Effective leaders

    This story relays how Chisnallwood staff and students worked together, as part of their school review, to implement the New Zealand Curriculum, so that it would make a difference for Māori students and help them to succeed.

  4. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders

    Responding to “demanding constituents” has been the catalyst for changes in teaching practice at Henderson Intermediate - changes achieved through a process of reflecting upon the evidence available and responding to student need.

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    As part of distributing the leadership and developing capability across the school, a programme of in-house mentoring was developed at Henderson Intermediate.

  6. Filed under: Effective leaders

    The action research approach that was adopted at Henderson Intermediate ensured adoption of the outcomes by staff and built confidence in their ability to find their own solutions for issues.

  7. Filed under: Productive partnerships

    Evidence of successful approaches motivated a change in practices across the whole school.

  8. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Ako | Effective teachers

    Providing opportunities for student voice informed and encouraged changes in teacher practice.

  9. Filed under: Productive partnerships

    Henderson Intemediate responded to whānau requests for reporting in a form that met their needs.

  10. Filed under: Productive partnerships | Effective leaders

    An idea from whānau became the basis of a successful intervention to tackle attendance issues.

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