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Secondary student achievement initiative for middle leaders in English medium schools

Professional development is available for New Zealand secondary middle leaders, to help raise achievement for all students, and particularly for Māori and Pasifika students and those with special education needs.

Key focus areas for this professional development include:

  • supporting middle leaders with effective teaching, learning and assessment strategies
  • NCEA standards alignment
  • learning area literacy and language needs in the context of The New Zealand Curriculum.

The term 'middle leader' refers to those teachers with leadership responsibility related to student learning in their school. This includes heads of faculty or department, teachers in charge of a subject or year level, literacy leaders, specialist classroom teachers, and teachers in charge of careers/pathways.

This professional development will be in the form of face-to-face or online clusters, workshops, facilitated meetings, and e-newsletters. E-newsletters are usually distributed once per term and contain guidelines for effective teaching and learning strategies, subject-specific literacy strategies, the latest information on standards alignment, useful links for resources and exemplars, feedback from national moderators, links to relevant readings, plus information about upcoming regional workshops and cluster sessions.

Follow these links for more information on:

· Key outcomes

· Workshops and clusters

· Information for principals

· Facilitators

· E-newsletters for middle leaders

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