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Assessment tools and resources

 This is a bank of tools and resources to help teachers with the assessment of student learning. The collection includes:

  • an assessment tool selector and assessment resources maps, which enable teachers to find the most appropriate assessment tool to suit their purpose
  • Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (asTTle), which is a resource for assessing reading, and writing and maths (in both English and Māori)
  • Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs), which comprise nearly 3000 assessment resources for New Zealand students working at levels 2-5 of the curriculum
  • exemplars, which are authentic pieces of student work, with annotations to illustrate what is quality work.

In addition, there is an overview of New Zealand research studies about achievement in our education system. And, as part of an ongoing process, the Ministry is incrementally providing information on the alignment between assessment tools and the National Standards at each year level.

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